Green policy/CSR


MITSUBOSHI FORGING CO., LTD treats the current global environmental issues as important, and through the corporate activities, each employee aims to ensure environmental preservation in the future, and positively pursues creation of a more comfortable local society and social contribution; therefore, we have determined the following basic policy:

Basic policy

Surely understand the business activities, administration activities, and the effect which the products of our Company have on the environment, and implement environmental management activities which are suitable for our Company.

  1. Comply with the restriction required items according to the laws and regulations and ordinances related to environmental preservation, and set up self-standards according to necessity, and ensure to implement the environmental preservation.
  2. Implement the maintenance of a healthy working environment and improvement of facilities, and implement effectiveness.
  3. Implement energy saving activities for resources and re-use of resources, and try to develop a recycling society.
  4. Have all the employees fully understand the environmental policy, implement enlightenment and education of the employees, and try to enhance their awareness by all the employees.
  5. All of our environmental measures are open to the public.


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